PeopleCert software end user license agreement

1. By this contract you are granted by PeopleCert International Ltd. (from now on referred as PeopleCert) a user license of the software product contained in the media that you have in your hands provided that you have obtained this from PeopleCert or licensed by an PeopleCert representative, distributor, or retailer of its products (from now on referred as “Software Product”). License grants only the following usage:

a. Installation, usage, access, work, display, and execution of a copy of the Software Product on your desktop computers, handheld PCs, work stations, terminal or other electronic device (from now on referred as “Computer”). After the installation you may keep the present product as a back-up copy intended for this use only.

b. Installation of a copy of the product in an internal network server, in order for the determined (under 1) uses to be performed by another Computer of the internal network, provided that the software product follows the client/server architecture or the internal network.

c. In the case that the Software Product or any other product, or application included in this allows common use in more than one Computer this license grants the use of this feature (common use) with all the other PeopleCert applications. It is reminded that the use with other manufacturers' applications is under the user license of those manufacturers, is performed under your responsibility, while PeopleCert in no way guarantees the function in general or the appropriate function of such application or holds any responsibility related to this.

d. If the Software Product is an upgrade from previous editions, then the license provided with the present user license of the Software Product is under the provision that you hold a valid user license of the previous edition. In any case, the use of an upgraded Software Product which results by the upgrade of the previous edition with the Present Software is under the provisions of the present license.

e. The above mentioned license refers to the Software Product as a whole product and thus its division and the use of the divided parts to other Computers or by other persons is not permitted.

f. In case that PeopleCert offers any other upgrade, on line documentation or other material (electronic or printed) that modify or supplement to the Software Product, the grant of those services or those products is under the operation manuals that provide for relatively. The product which will result after the use of this services or material will be under the present user license and is to be considered as a whole and indivisible part of the Software Product.

g. All the other rights, existing or perspective, that are not referred in the present user license are retained by PeopleCert and are exclusive rights of PeopleCert. PeopleCert retains the copyright of any future edition, modification, alteration, upgrade of the Software Product, even in case that in its creation or compilation has taken into consideration elements provided by you in the terms of service provision of any kind by PeopleCert (especially in terms of support and consulting services).

h. The Software Product for which the user license is granted includes computer software, and it may include the corresponding printed material, storage media, on-line or electronic documentation, updates (if any), and supplements to the original software product. In case there is a separate user license for any part of the Software Product or any other software that comes with or is provided with the Software Product, then for this part or the other software its separate user license is in force.

2. The copyright of the Software Product (and all the parts that it contains, like -indicatively and not restrictively- source and objective code, applications, images, sounds, sound and images combinations, databases, printed material, descriptions etc) belongs to PeopleCert and is protected by Greek and international law. It is reminded that the insult of the copyright in any way is an illegal act which is punished by penal law.

3. It is stressed that the ownership of the Software Product has not been transferred to you; you are only granted by PeopleCert the user license. Thus you have only the rights of use described in the present license and no other right is granted to you, indicatively the right to resale, transfer with or without compensation, lease, let, lend, commodate, transfer of use rights, export or copy (totally or partially), render or corrupt the Software Product, the source or objective code, the applications or any other part of the Software Product, reverse engineer or decompilate or disassemble the source or objective code, use any part or element of the Software Product, the source or objective code for the construction or compilation of other software.

4. The trademarks, logos, distinctive marks as well as any other (material or immaterial) object that consists industrial property belongs to PeopleCert or the possible franchisors and suppliers and is protected by the Greek and international law in force, while any action that is against it is prohibited (indicatively: reproduction, copy, use etc).

5. PeopleCert is entitled to denounce this user license at any time in case of your not compliance with the obligations contained in the present license. The denunciation is of no cost for PeopleCert and it is instantly enforced. By the time of denunciation of the user license, as well as in case that for any reason the license that you have signed with PeopleCert ends or is annulled you are obliged to uninstall and delete the Software Product from all the Computers in which it was installed and destroy every copy that you have created as well as the accompanying or provided with material.

6. With the present license you undertake the obligation to make every possible effort to ensure the compliance with the provisions of the present license of any third part related to you (especially employees, any other person who has access to you Personal Computers, cohabitants, etc). You especially undertake the obligation to inform immediately PeopleCert for every case of violation of the provisions of the present license by you or third persons related to you. In case of violation of the provisions of the present license by you or by other natural or legal entities related to you, PeopleCert preserves any right to demand compensation of any damage it will be imposed to.

7. Prior the use of the Software Product it is required that you have read carefully, accept and agree with all of the paragraphs of the corresponding manuals of the Software Product and of PeopleCert in general, as well as your unconditional acceptance that your Computers as well as the software of your Computers comply with the minimum requirements for the appropriate function of the Software Product.

8. The user license of the Software Product is licensed to you by PeopleCert subject to the present license and PeopleCert Privacy Policy and you agree to abide by all obligations under them. If you do not agree with any of the provisions of this license or the Privacy Policy, you must not use the Software Product and must return it to PeopleCert.